Two-year-olds ‘think creatively’, study finds

Dr Elena Hoicka
Dr Elena Hoicka
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Children as young as two are capable of thinking creatively, according to Sheffield researchers.

Psychologists from Sheffield University took part in a project looking at the age when children begin ‘thinking divergently’.

In the study, children were given a colourful box with a hole, stairs, ledges and strings, along with novel objects to play with.

Toddlers as young as 24 months were shown to be capable of thinking of original ways of playing with the box and the objects – which included a feather, egg holder and spatula – all of which they had never seen before.

Previous tests have been speech-based, only allowing scientists to study children from the age of three.

Dr Elena Hoicka, from the university’s psychology department, said the research was ‘crucial for understanding how creativity originates’.

The study was carried out alongside academics from Stirling University in Scotland.