Thousands of private Sheffield homes ‘below standard’

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Almost half of all private rented homes in Sheffield are below standard, according to a health report.

Only 55 per cent of such properties met the Government’s Decent Home standard and a quarter had hazards that pose a ‘considerable risk to the health and safety of the household’ - such as damp, mould, cold or overcrowding.

The report to the council’s health and wellbeing board said the poor condition of properties in the private rented sector was one of the ‘biggest challenges’ facing Sheffield Council.

It added: “While the council’s housing stock has received significant investment in recent years, the private housing sector has not, and a lack of investment, high demand and ageing stock are creating unsatisfactory housing conditions for a significant proportion of the city’s population.

“Only 64 per cent of all private housing meets the Decent Homes standard, and of particular concern is the private rented sector where just 55 per cent meet this standard.”

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Sheffield - which assess the current and future health and wellbeing needs of the city’s population - also said a drop in house building had impacted on the availability of low cost homes.

Only 21 low cost homes were provided in the last three years and more people are being ‘forced into renting’.

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