The ‘Get Celeb Fit’ Challenge - WEEK THREE: Zumba and floor cleaning!

GetCelebFitNB''Nik Brear cleaning the floor and burning calories as she rolls two chores into one: housework and a workout!
GetCelebFitNB''Nik Brear cleaning the floor and burning calories as she rolls two chores into one: housework and a workout!
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GYM. A single word that’s been known to strike fear into the heart of even the bravest soul.

In the crazy timetable of our lives, it can be the first thing we shelve.

“We have enough chores to do without fitness becoming one more thing we have to tick off our list,” said personal trainer Colin McCurdy. “Working out should be fun time for you.”

It’s true that even the most interesting fitness routine can become just that: routine. But long gone are the days when working out meant pounding the treadmill or a church hall aerobic class.

There are interesting alternatives now, not least the fitness craze of the moment – Zumba.

I’m hooked!

For those who haven’t tried it yet (where have you been?) imagine shaking your stuff on the dance floor with your best friends on a Saturday night, with no time to think about how out-of-breath you are because you’re having so much fun.

A zumba class is exactly that – minus the cocktails!

“Zumba is a workout for the whole body,” said local instructor Libbi Hibbert.

“I have groups of female friends that come to my classes. They laugh, have a great time and leave an hour later, worn out and with big smiles on their faces.”

And I’ve heard rave reviews about the fun of reverting to your childhood at hula-hooping classes.

For the exhibitionists among us, burlesque dance classes are meant to be an amazing time and I can personally attest to the fun of pole dancing after giving it a go and pulling every muscle in my body – including some I didn’t know I had.

If you’re short on time, go for a quick jog before dinner or a brisk walk in your lunch hour. It’s about finding ‘little and often’ ways throughout the day to catch up on your exercise debt.

“Housework is a great calorie burner,” added Colin. “If you don’t have time for the gym on Saturday, throw yourself into the house cleaning instead and kill two birds with one stone.

“Scrub the kitchen floor on your hands and knees – and nothing gets the core bending and twisting like washing the car.”

I attacked the house with gusto on Saturday morning. By the time I was done I felt like I’d just finished a body pump class.

So now I’m getting trimmer and my kitchen floor has never looked better.


This Week

Google to find Zumba and hula-hooping classes near you, grab some girl friends and give it a go!

This weekend, take an hour to try the calorie-burning clean-up!

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