Slimline Owl joins Sheffield run

New slimline version of Frecheville father Scott Osborne after completing a 5k at Don Valley
New slimline version of Frecheville father Scott Osborne after completing a 5k at Don Valley
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A die-hard Sheffield Wednesday fan who kick-started his diet when the team were promoted is preparing for his biggest challenge after beating the bulge.

Scott Osborne woke up the morning after his side sealed their place in the Championship feeling a little worse for wear.

His first instinct was to get on the scales – and was shocked to discover he weighed 18 stone.

The Frecheville father-of-two vowed to shed some pounds and began a healthy eating and exercise regime.

Now he’s preparing for this month’s Bupa Great Yorkshire Run, the annual 10k run in Sheffield on Sunday September 29.

Scott, aged 40, said: “I’d been out when we got promoted and had loads to drink and a take-away.

“I woke up the next day and felt absolutely dreadful. I don’t know why but I got on our scales in the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it had got to that. I told myself I had to sort it out.”

The new lightweight Scott also helped to uncover an injury he sustained playing football when he was 19.

Earlier this year he had keyhole surgery to correct it, but the recovery period did not make him slip back into old ways.

He said: “I’d always went running and played football but then I did my ligaments when I was 19. They misdiagnosed it at the time and that’s when I stopped being fit.

“The fat was protecting my knee so once I lost the weight they found bits of bone had come off. I had keyhole surgery.

“I only signed up for the Great Yorkshire a few weeks ago. It’s the furthest I’ll have run since I was a teenager.”

Wife Sarah, 35, and children George, seven, and four-year-old Maddy will all be there to cheer him on. He wants to set an example to fathers everywhere that it’s never too late to get fit.

n There is still time to enter the 10k race. Visit to sign up for the Great Yorkshire Run.