Sheffield trainer Glyn Rhodes re-united with injured boxer Jerome Wilson

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Glyn Rhodes - the first person to help rival boxer Jerome Wilson into the recovery position after he was knocked unconscious- has met the fighter in hospital and is relieved to see him making a steady recovery.

Rhodes’ own man Serge Ambomo KO’d Wilson, who suffered head injuries and was induced into a coma.

Jerome Wilson v Serge Ambomo - before the Arbourthorne man was injured.

Jerome Wilson v Serge Ambomo - before the Arbourthorne man was injured.

The trainer says Ambomo was distraught by Wilson’s early condition. The Cameroonian has also apologised for “showboating” after the KO punch - which he did unaware of the extent of the injury.

Rhodes said: “You have this vision in your mind, what you think you are going to walk into the hospital and find, I thought he’d be laid in a bed, but he was sat up in a chair talking to people. Straight away that lifted my spirits. A week ago the guy was in a coma now he is sat talking. It was brilliant.”

Rhodes says Ambomo wanted to be kept in touch with Wilson’s progress.

“He felt shocking, terrible. Immediately after the fight Serge was contacting me every morning to keep up to date. Serge is a Christian, he was really concerned. Hindsight is a great thing, he probably regrets what he did, (showboating) but in the heat of the moment...

“Serge is a nice kid. I know he looks a fearsome warrior, and he shouldn’t have done what he did, but he did it and he has got to live with that.”

Ambomo faces censure from the British Boxing Board of Control for some of his antics.

Rhodes says: “I think he is going to get his wrist slapped. But there has been worse things happened in boxing than what Serge actually did.”

Rhodes knows he will find it difficult to get future fights for Ambomo.

“He has four fights, two KOs, he’s a former Olympian, he can have a fight. So he’s not the type people will willingly take. He just has to be ready all the time and if the phone actually rings, somebody is desperate for an opponent, he is going to have to jump in straight away because that’s the only way he is going to get any work.”