Sheffield Steelers: Eddy back for Coventry Blaze game

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Cullen Eddy has revealed a head injury once robbed him of ice hockey action for three months - which is why he is showing caution following another injury now.

The Sheffield Steelers’ defenceman hopes to be back on Saturday against Coventry Blaze, the opposition on the night he suffered his problem, on January 11.

Cullen Eddy - Sheffield Steelers

Cullen Eddy - Sheffield Steelers

Eddy has missed the last three games.

He recalled: “I was skating the puck into the zone and I was going to make a play to Danny Bois in the slot and made a pass and I did what they tell you not to do and

watch your pass and untensed myself. I took a pretty big hit from one of the defencemen and got hit in the jaw and my head hit the glass.

“After that I was a little out of it, I had some recurring headaches, I just wanted to monitor it and make it wasn’t anything too serious. I feel good and should be ready to go next week. I had a serious concussion about 10 years ago (in Junior B, 16-20 yrs) since then fortunately stayed away from all that. (Back then) I took a hit from behind, spent the night in hospital so it was pretty serious and I was off the ice for about three months.

“I was involved in concussion studies back home in the States, working with one of the doctors at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center did a study. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t recurring from there.”

Eddy, 26, says he has no hard feelings against Craig Cescon, who executed the hit. “It was a clean hit, that’s what hockey is all about those are the type of hits you want to keep in the game, nothing against the guy who hit me.”

Steelers’ recent form has been unconvincing, with the side now in fifth position.

Eddy says: “We need to get back to the basics, do what you are good at. When we first got here we just played our game each guy just played their role.”