Sheffield mum’s Lyme Disease campaign continues

Laura Brown enjoying life before Lyme Disease
Laura Brown enjoying life before Lyme Disease
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A Sheffield mum battling a devastating disease has put all the strength she has left into a campaign for help from the NHS.

Laura Brown is fighting for more medical care to be made available to people like herself who suffer from late-stage Lyme Disease.

The heartbreaking condition, which was transmitted to her by a tick, has left her mostly bed-ridden.

She suffers from a long list of symptoms including speech and co-ordination problems, sound and light sensitivity, poor short term memory and problems with most of her internal organs.

Laura, aged 39, who was born in Nether Edge and grew up in Stocksbridge, said: “None of the problems that I am facing are properly recognised or adequately treated by the NHS, and unfortunately the only private clinic in the UK that could have helped me, felt my body was too weak for treatment.

“Whilst the NHS acknowledges Lyme Disease in its early stages, and if correctly diagnosed, treats with oral antibiotics, they appear to be in total denial of late-stage, chronic Lyme Disease, which is severely disabling, debilitating and life-altering.”

Laura has recently returned from the USA, where she received antibiotic treatment which left her with much hope for the future.

She had to raise funds for the treatment herself.

She now plans to attend a parliamentary conference on Monday where Lyme patients, scientists and doctors will meet to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease in the UK.

n There is a petition urging public health secretary Jane Ellison MP to attend. To sign it visit and search for patient-led conference.