Sheffield fertility expert hits out over designer’s ‘synthetic’ baby comments

Mr Adel Shaker, Medical Director of CARE Fertility, in Sheffield
Mr Adel Shaker, Medical Director of CARE Fertility, in Sheffield
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A top Sheffield fertility expert has spoken out after Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana said IVF babies ‘synthetic’ - and branded their comments were ‘disappointing’.

Singer Elton John, who has two sons born through IVF, called for a worldwide boycott of the fashion label after Domenico Dolce told a magazine he thought babies conceived through IVF were ‘synthetic’ and he didn’t believe in same sex couples having children.

His comments caused uproar on social media and in response couples of children born through IVF tweeted pictures of their youngsters.

Today Mr Adel Shaker, medical director at Care Fertility in Nether Edge, said the comments were ‘disappointing’.

He said: “I’m extremely surprised by these remarks about IVF as synthetic, it’s very disappointing that in this day and age there are still some people who look at IVF babies like this.

“IVF babies bring happiness to all the families that they come into. They are very loved and much wanted and they do a lot better in school and in terms of general life.

“They are loved and looked after and they are not babies that just happened without any planning.

“If as much thought and consideration went into the conception of all babies as it does with those going through IVF then it would be a lot better.

“Sometimes pregnancies happen without intention. With IVF pregnancies the couples have to go through years of treatment which involves giving up their time and being exposed to injections and procedures before they get there, so they are certainly very well thought of babies.”

The clinic opened in 1985 and was one of the first private fertility clinics in the UK.

It has helped thousands of infertile couples become parents across South Yorkshire.

Mr Shaker said the clinic had ‘exceptional results’ in 2014 with 48 per cent of IVF cycles resulting in pregnancy.