Sheffield dad’s organ donor appeal after wait for transplant

Former scaffolder Raymond Haynes has been on the waiting list for a donor kidney for seven years
Former scaffolder Raymond Haynes has been on the waiting list for a donor kidney for seven years
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A dad from Sheffield with kidney disease is urging more people to volunteer as organ donors after waiting nearly a decade for a transplant.

Raymond Haynes, aged 50, from Beighton, has been on dialysis for over 10 years and said he wanted to start a ‘new chapter in life’ with a replacement kidney.

The former scaffolder was told by medics that his particular blood group made it difficult to find a suitable donor organ, and Raymond fears his four times a week dialysis sessions may soon no longer be effective.

“You can’t stay on dialysis for ever,” he said.

“Sooner or later things are going to fail and you will end up dying. It’s very worrying.”

Raymond added: “It would be amazing if I could have a transplant.

“My wife has been tested but she isn’t compatible with me, and a lot of other family members have been tested too, and no-one is a close match.

“The options I’ve got are really limited. It’s getting me down now.”

Raymond is married to wife Tanya, 51, and has two grown-up sons with a previous partner, as well as seven grandchildren. He has suffered from the inflammatory kidney condition nephritis since childhood.

He underwent a transplant in 2004 but, 12 months later, while working on a building site, he suffered an injury in an accident which ruined his new kidney.

“My blood type is O - it’s very common and the hospital said it was very good for donating organs, but not very good for receiving,” Raymond said.

“I want to start a new chapter in my life now. I want to see my grandchildren grow up and my wife would love to go on holiday, but I’m depriving her of it.”

A spokeswoman for NHS Blood and Transplant said: “We are sorry to hear Mr Haynes is still waiting for a transplant.

“Transplant waiting times can vary and factors such as tissue type need to be carefully considered to insure the recipient has the best possible chance at a successful operation.

“We wish Mr Haynes all the best while he waits for a kidney and would like to remind people that, if they support organ donation, they should join the NHS organ donor register and let their loved ones know their decision.

“More donors are needed to help save lives.”