Sheffield boxing: Full probe into coma victim

Jerome Wilson, left, v Serge Ambomo
Jerome Wilson, left, v Serge Ambomo
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The British Board of Boxing Control will mount a full investigation into the injury suffered by coma victim Jerome Wilson, in Sheffield six days ago.

Chief among their concerns will be the training and weight regimes applied by Wilson and his Cameroonian’s opponent Serge Ambomo.

The fight, The Star understands, was originally scheduled for 10 stone 2 lbs.

It was moved to 10 stone 4lbs when the African seemed to be having problems making that weight.

Not unusually, there was a disparity at the weigh-in.

The announcer stumbled in his vocal delivery, but seemed to be saying Wilson was 10 stone two pounds and 14 ounces. While the muscular Ambomo, who looked the bigger man, was actually actually a pound and a quarter lighter (although the boxing statistics website Boxrec suggests the African was the heavier.)

Weight regimes are massively important to fighters, in terms of conditioning and basic health.

If a fighter is dehydrated, for instance, that affects the brain as much as anywhere else in the body.

The inquiry will want to sort out the weight issue and will doubtless run the rule over training camps, their previous contest (won by Ambomo) and interview the managers, promoter, and oppossing cornermen.

While Wilson, 29, had lost the first fight, he’d been keen to get his revenge.

A month before the fight, he’d said: “I called for the rematch straight away. I love a challenge and always run straight at them, so I’d be a hypocrite by saying I didn’t want the re-match. I’m in a good place mentally. I’m working hard in the gym and everything is gelling well and I’m ready to put on a good show. I didn’t know what to expect from him and hadn’t seen any footage of him.

“But this time, I’m expecting more from him, as he’s confident and he’ll be looking to be the aggressor in the ring. I want him to come forward and this time I’m under no pressure, so I can put on a good show. I’m going to fight my own fight and not fight the way that he wants me to.”