Scarce jab on offer at Sheffield hospital clinic

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Doctors in Sheffield are urging people travelling to Africa and South America to get protected against yellow fever - after taking delivery of a rare batch of the jab during a worldwide shortage.

Sheffield Travel Clinic, based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, has received a consignment of the drug, which is expected to remain scarce until the end of next month.

Yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes in Africa, South America and some parts of the Caribbean.

Symptoms include fever, severe headaches, back pain, body aches, nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Some patients also enter a second, more toxic phase, when jaundice and kidney failure can occur.

Dr Ann Chapman, consultant in infection and tropical medicine at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said: “It is important to protect yourself when travelling to areas affected by yellow fever.

“Anyone interested in getting the vaccine should attend four to six weeks prior to their date of departure.”

Dedicated vaccination slots will be available from 1pm to 3pm on Wednesdays over the next two months, starting tomorrow, February 19. Call 0114 271 2608 between 9am and 11am to book an appointment.