Ruth aims to ease pain through tap technique

Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner Ruth Fox
Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner Ruth Fox
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A Sheffield lifestyle expert is holding a training workshop for a technique used by Olympic athletes to ease pain and stress.

Ruth Fox, of Meersbrook, has been using the ‘tapping technique’ for a decade.

The technique, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is often called ‘acupuncture without needles’ ,because it involves tapping significant points on the body’s meridian system.

Ruth said: “It was discovered more than 20 years ago that this simple tapping technique can actually clear emotional and physical discomforts.

“The basic principle is that when your attention is focussed on a discomfort and you tap the points, the discomfort significantly diminishes.”

In 2012, Olympic athlete Abi Oyepitan used it to get rid of her shoulder pain.

n Ruth’s workshop is at the Hilton, Victoria Quays, Shefield city centre, on Saturday.