Pioneering hospital unit helps free patients’ beds

Ambulatory Care Unit 30.1.12
Ambulatory Care Unit 30.1.12
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A NEW unit has been set up at Chesterfield Royal Hospital to reduce the number of inpatients admitted.

The new ambulatory care unit will provide quick clinical care for patients who are able to sit, freeing up beds for patients whose conditions mean they need to be admitted.

The unit will be used to treat emergency patients, and will be managed by senior medical and nurses.

Dr Mansur Reza, who was instrumental in setting up the unit, said: “We’re trialling the presence of a consultant on the Clinical Decisions Unit and the Emergency Management Unit from 9am to 9pm every weekday to assess each patient and identify the ones that can be dealt with quickly and easily.

“We will then assess those patients in the unit, give them a test or X-ray if necessary and medication without them having to wait.”