Pharmacy idea wins MP’s praise

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SHEFFIELD MP Clive Betts was attending an open day in Woodhouse today as part of an initiative to help the region’s care homes reduce the risk of errors when administering medication to elderly patients.

Mr Betts was attending Woodhouse Pharmacy Direct to speak to care home managers about the challenges of managing the complex drug regimes of elderly residents.

Mr Betts was due to hear how Woodhouse Pharmacy Direct has put in place a free service for care homes in the area to make managing residents’ medication more accurate and less time consuming.

The pharmacy is offering a free medication management system to all care homes in the area - which has been found to reduce drug errors by up to 70 per cent and speed up carers’ round times by 60 per cent.

Mr Betts said: “It’s a real challenge for busy care homes to manage residents’ medication safely and provide one-on-one care. I commend Woodhouse Pharmacy Direct for sharing the responsibility of medication management and freeing up Sheffield’s care homes to concentrate on creating a friendly and stimulating place to live.”