Opinion: Listen to the warning

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The warning is stark and the people making it are definitely worth listening to.

Firefighters ‘covering’ for paramedics on emergency calls in South Yorkshire today said: “Lives are being at risk.”

The Fire Brigades Union says its members are being put in a ‘moral and ethical dilemma’ when they have to provide medical support to casualties while waiting for paramedics. We bow to no one for the respect we have for all those who works in our emergency services.

Occasionally we question why certain things are being done but we’d never doubt the bravery or competence of the people who go to work everyday in dangerous, difficult jobs.

And that’s why when firefighters say lives could be a risk because of the position they are increasingly finding themselves in we all have to listen.

Of course it is right that our emergency services work together on incidents but it shouldn’t become a firefighter’s responsibility for a medic’s role.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service is under severe strain to cope with the amount of calls it has to handle. Urgent action is needed to give them what they need to do their job.

If not lives will be lost. We can’t say we weren’t warned.