Nursing cut fear of MS sufferer

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A DISABLED dad fears he may be forced into a care home after being told he no longer qualifies for nursing visits.

Progressive multiple sclerosis sufferer David Tidswell has been relying on nurses visiting his Balby home for more than a year.

But the 50-year-old has been told he is no longer entitled to the 22.5 hours a week care package as he does not meet the national criteria used to asses patients after his latest assessment.

Mr Tidswell and wife Winifred, of Balby, challenged the decision and now face an anxious wait after health bosses agreed to let another two experts re-assess his situation.

Winifred said: “I can’t understand why they would think about taking the package away, it’s a joke.

“They said he no longer qualifies for it but without it he will have to live in a care home. I just can’t cope looking after him by myself.

“He can’t do anything by himself and his breathing is getting worse.

“All of this upset is causing stress for David which is making his condition worse. He’s just not himself, he’s so down it’s like he’s not the same man I married.”

Dad-of-three David, who was diagnosed with his illness 11 years ago, also has regular visits from a district nurse to help him.

A spokesman for NHS Doncaster said following last month’s latest assessment which took into account factors such as mobility it was decided by the panel that Mr Tidswell’s condition had stabilised. Another assessment was taking place following complaints.

He added: “People with MS can stabilise but that doesn’t mean to say if things worsen that the NHS will not review the situation again and reinstate the care package.

“Mr Tidswell’s condition will continue to be monitored on a regular basis pending the outcome of this latest assessment.”

A decision is expected in the next two weeks.