New funding plan at Sheffield clinic gives hope to infertile couples

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Couples undergoing fertility treatment in Sheffield could get a refund of up to 70 per cent of the cost of treatment - if they don’t end up with a baby.

CARE Fertility in Nether Edge has launched a new way of funding treatment in partnership with the UK’s first provider of IVF payment programmes.

For the first time patients will be given a 70 per cent refund if they fail to have a baby after undergoing three rounds of treatment at the Sheffield clinic.

Dr Simon Fishel, president and founder of CARE Fertility said: “We understand completely the anxiety that infertility can cause. 
“With the lack of full NHS funding, many IVF patients have the additional worry of funding their own treatment.

“CARE has an exclusive arrangement with Access Fertility at our Sheffield clinic with the aim of reducing the financial pressure and emotional toll of IVF treatment.

“This is the first financial plan of this type to be offered in Yorkshire.”

Patients must commit to three cycles of treatment. But bosses say by planning multiple cycles, patients can save almost 35 per cent on costs compared to traditional ‘pay-as-you-go’ IVF options.

Debbie Mansfield, unit manager at CARE said: “We know staying in treatment dramatically improves patients’ chances of having a child, yet many patients abandon further treatment after an unsuccessful attempt. Our local NHS providers do fund IVF but six out of every ten IVF cycles are privately funded. For those who pursue private fertility treatment, when weighing up the odds of failure with the costs of treatment further IVF cycles are simply not affordable.”