New fears for tragic Beverley

Beverley Pickorer and partner Anthony Howard
Beverley Pickorer and partner Anthony Howard
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A Sheffield mum dying from liver disease aged 35 is ‘running out of time’ to return home to die, her partner says.

Beverley Pickorer is currently being given round-the-clock palliative care at Haythorne Place Care Home in Shiregreen as the tragic consequences of drinking up to 40 cans of lager a day take their toll.

In January, her partner Anthony Howard said he wanted to look after Beverley at their home in Parson Cross, but this had been deemed too costly by the NHS.

He was then offered a training course in how to care for the mother-of-four, in the hope that she would be allowed home on a trial basis.

But Anthony says he is still waiting to begin the six-week training programme.

Anthony said: “She’s deteriorated to the point where we’ve had to put her on morphine.

“It’s upsetting me to see my girlfriend in so much pain.

“I’m hoping the training is going to begin soon and she can come home.

“They’re going to show me how to dress her, how to bathe her and use a syringe drive.

“It’s really frustrating, because I just want to get it done.

“I can pretty much do it all anyway, I’ve just got to have someone sign a piece of paper to say I can.”

Anthony said he was concerned the availability of cheap alcohol had allowed Beverley to drink herself to the brink of death.

He said: “The Government cannot ignore that some people will drink themselves into such a state that they’re going to die.

“Beer shouldn’t be cheap – Beverley used to get cans for £1.”

Kevin Clifford, chief nurse at NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, previously said training can take ‘several weeks’ to arrange.

He said: “The CCG can only support care for patients at home if that can be done in a safe and appropriate manner in which the individual’s care needs can be met.”