Mother’s Day: Smiles better for extraordinary mum

Family hug: Kate with India, Harvey and Woody.                  Picture: Sarah Washbourn.
Family hug: Kate with India, Harvey and Woody. Picture: Sarah Washbourn.
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THIS time last year mum-of-three Kate Allatt lay in intensive care after suffering a severe stroke that nearly claimed her life, writes Sarah Dunn.

Her experiences make Mother’s Day tomorrow extra special - as she celebrates the amazing progress she has made towards recovery with her children India, aged 12, Harvey, 10, and Woody, seven, along with husband Mark.

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This year there will be baking and bike rides for Mother’s Day, as opposed to the hospital wards and worry that dominated the occasion 12 months ago when Kate suffered a major stroke that left her fighting for life.

Worse still, when the former fell-runner and businesswomen finally came round, she was completely paralysed, unable to move anything but her eyes.

But her progress since then has been incredible - with a strict exercise regime helping her to walk and even run again.

In February she even took part in an anniversary fun run around Ecclesall Woods to mark the milestones she has met, while singing lessons are helping to develop and improve her speech.

The 40-year-old, from Dore, is also busy setting up her own charity to help and support other stroke victims.

The organisation will buy special equipment for those who need it, fund research into the rare ‘locked-in syndrome’ - a condition which leaves patients aware and awake but they cannot move or communicate verbally because of complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes.

They also visit victims of the condition providing support for them and their family and friends.

Kate’s campaign has received a boost with the news Kate has been shortlisted as one of three finalists in the Extraordinary Woman of the Year Awards - a programme set up to recognise amazing women and their inspirational stories.

Kate said she is looking forward to a more ordinary Mother’s Day this year.

“Last year, I was on a life support for nine weeks in the intensive care unit,” Kate said. “This year will be more normal!

“Harvey has a football match and I am planning to do some baking with Indi and Woody.

“After that we will have a family bike ride around Rother Valley followed by a roast chicken dinner.

“In between I hope to get homemade cards and daffodils!”

Kate said she was thrilled by her nomination and shortlist place in the Extraordinary Woman awards - and so happy to have completed her fun run that she allowed herself a month off her personal trainer regime.

“I felt utter relief after my run!” she said. “So much so, I gave myself a month off my personal trainer - although I still went to the gym times a week!

“My speech has really improved after my first singing lesson and I’m now regularly out walking near Burbage - the same place where I used to run! It’s been beautiful recently.

“The charity side is also so exciting, it is progressing at the same pace as my recovery!

“It will certainly be buoyed by the news of making it onto the finalist shortlist in the awards.”