More defibrillators installed in town

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Rotherham town centre is to receive three defibrillators which are to be installed at Riverside House, the Civic Theatre and the Visitor Centre.

Co-funded by Rotherham’s Heart Town groups, the council and the British Heart Foundation, they bring the number of defibrillators in the town centre to 17.

They are placed in the areas of greatest risk and where ambulances may have difficulty getting to, for example, where there are crowds.

Cabinet member for health and wellbeing, Coun Ken Wyatt, said: “Council staff, the BHF and the Heart Town volunteers have done a fantastic job ensuring Rotherham is a safer place for everyone.

“Nationally, thousands of people have cardiac arrests each year and lose their lives for the lack of defibrillators and people with access to use them.

“For every minute someone remains in cardiac arrest, their chances of survival decrease by 10 per cent, so having these machines in easily accessible places really does mean that there is a much greater chance of survival.”