More cafes cater for breastfed babies

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Breastfeeding mums in Doncaster have more choice than ever before over where to dine out after seven eateries in the town declared themselves to be ‘breast friendly’ in time for National Breastfeeding Week from June 19-25.

Family support worker Jeanette Lindley persuaded Café Alfresco in Kingsgate; Four Seasons, Printing Office Street; ; TJ Hughes, St Sepulchre Gate; All Things Nice, Colonnades; Torr’s English Deli, Printing Office Street; and Tuck Inn, St Sepulchre Gate to display ‘breast feeding welcome’ stickers in their windows.

Maureen Bierne, from Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The venues are all really positive about being breastfeeding friendly.

“We need more establishments that openly welcome breastfeeding mothers as this will encourage women to start and continue breastfeeding.

“It’s important mums feel relaxed about it and the more venues that promote the fact they are breast friendly, the better.”

Lisa England, aged 42, from Hexthorpe, breast-fed her daughter Gabrielle and said: “I welcome this kind of support from town venues and know lots of breastfeeding women who will really appreciate it.

“It’s completely natural and babies should not be denied breast milk when they need it.”