Medics have police ‘riding shotgun’ at weekends

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POLICE officers will be travelling with Doncaster paramedics during weekend evenings for the first time in a bid to ease the pressure on medics.

As part of the force’s ‘Shaken and Slurred’ Christmas campaign, the police have linked up with the NHS to reduce the demand placed on the ambulance service by utilising Special Constables who will be in paramedic cars on Friday and Saturday nights.

It should mean the paramedic vehicle can quickly deal with injured people in the town centre, as they will not need to wait for police assistance, in turn reducing the demand at the hospital.

This year’s James Bond-style campaign highlights the key messages – reducing and preventing drink driving, domestic violence and alcohol related violence which often see an increase at Christmas time.

Extra patrols are being conducted across Doncaster this month with officers using additional powers such as dispersal orders and fixed penalty tickets to deal with anyone engaging in criminal or nuisance behaviour while under the influence of drink.

To target domestic violence, which can often increase over Christmas, police officers and council staff will be in the town centre during evenings to offer advice and help to victims of domestic violence.

All reports of domestic violence will be dealt with effectively, with victims receiving additional support from partner agencies, and repeat victims and offenders will also be visited.

Police are also working closely with the licensed premises across Doncaster ensuring they have adequate staff and training.