‘Mastermind’ behind hospital’s top-class facilities retires after 30 years

Mick Brammer, who has retired from Sheffield Children's Hospital after 35 years
Mick Brammer, who has retired from Sheffield Children's Hospital after 35 years
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the man who has masterminded many of Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s top-class health facilities is hanging up his tools after 30 years.

Mick Brammer, a joiner by trade, started work at the Jessop maternity hospital in 1976, before moving to the Children’s Hospital five years later.

The facilities manager from Handsworth has since masterminded special shapes, sizes, colours, temperatures and types of room for everything from operating theatres to pharmacies.

His most recent work has been at the trust’s new £12m Becton centre in Beighton.

The facility brings together the day and inpatient services for children and young people with mental health issues.

It also includes new services for young people with learning difficulties.

Mick, aged 60, said: “It’s a wonderful job working with all the different departments.

“I’d be working with the theatre department one time, then pharmacy, then eyes.

“I’ve met all these different people and found out how they work so I can design them the best possible room or facility for their needs and their patients’ needs.”

Mick’s first major project at the hospital involved an aseptic suite where they make up medication.

Special adaptations included making the walls and floors out of vinyl and introducing a pressure system to keep out bugs.

Other projects included the design and build of theatres five and six, the high-dependency unit and the neonatal surgical unit.

Mick said: “I ask for a wish list then look at the budget and come up with something that fits both.

“Everybody needs certain things to do their job but it’s nice to give them what they want.”

Husband to Anne and dad to Chris, outside work Mick is also an amateur dramatics enthusiast, keen fisherman and water colour painter.

He hopes to spend more time on his hobbies in retirement – but is certain there will still be plenty of DIY projects to keep him busy.

He said: “I’ll be doing some work at my son’s flat I’m sure.”.

Chris Sharratt, chief executive at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Mick has done some fantastic work in his many years here at the hospital and has become very well known and respected amongst his peers.

“We wish him well for his retirement and thank him for his dedication and hard work in helping our facility grow and become one of the best in the UK and the world.”