VIDEO: Sheffield ex-call centre man now counsellor

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A former Sheffield call centre worker is hoping to put his listening skills to good use after retraining as a counsellor.

Jason Hanson spent four years working in Virgin Media’s call centre off Sheffield Parkway, handling customer complaints.

But now he hopes to resolve issues of a different kind after launching his own counselling practice from home.

The 34-year-old said: “I have always had a passion for supporting people, so it was a logical step.

“I have experienced depression before – I supported a relative through a difficult breakdown back in 2003 – and know the profound impact it can have on your life. Just talking to somebody and gaining a different perspective can make a huge difference.

“Working in a call centre has helped develop my skills. I learnt to really hear people, rather than merely listen to them.

“I also became adept at remaining calm irrespective of what was being said. This is really helpful in counselling when faced with clients disclosing sensitive information.”

Jason, who lives with wife Lynsey, 29, a teacher, and their two boxer dogs Lenny and Lola on Heathercliff Way, Penistone, is currently employed as a mentoring support worker, working with disabled people recently made redundant by the Remploy factory closures,

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