Join slimming group to lose festive weight

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MINCE pies, chocolates, puddings, cake and dinners...

The Christmas period can leave people feeling on the heavy side.

Now South Yorkshire branches of Slimming World are on the lookout for new members whose New Year resolution is to get back into shape – and save money at the same time.

Lindsey Grady, who runs Balby and Warmsworths groups in Doncaster, said: “We keep reading about the credit crunch, but members in my group are telling me they are spending less on their weekly shopping now than before they joined.

“Thanks to our emphasis on simple everyday ingredients, they can create healthy hunger-busting meals the whole family can enjoy and we share the money saving tips in group and online.”

Lindsey’s groups meet on Wednesdays in Warmsworth at The Holiday Inn at 5pm and 7pm, or Thursdays at the White Church, Balby, between 5pm and 7pm.

For further information about her group, email or call 07753 822700.

Slimming World has a number of other groups around South Yorkshire. Log onto or call 0844 8978000 to find out your nearest group.