How prayers helped Sheffield boxer pull through

Jerome Wilson
Jerome Wilson
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Jerome Wilson’s father has paid an emotional tribute to supporters who are willing his son to fully recover from his head injury.

Denton Wilson entered the ring at Hull to thank sponsors and others who had backed a charity sparring session involving Curtis Woodhouse and Tommy Coyle.

The light-hearted bout was refereed by Olympic hero Luke Campbell - who paid £100 for the privilege.

Sheffield’s Jerome remains in the Royal Hallamshire hospital, but has emerged from an induced coma.

He suffered a head injury after being KO’d by another Sheffield-based boxer, Serge Ambomo at iceSheffield on September 12.

His Dad made a moving speech to supporters, saying: “This is a family’s nightmare, to see your son collapsed on the floor.

“My daughter told me my son couldn’t wake up. I rushed to the hospital, I was there whilst my son was operated on, I didn’t know what to do.

“After the operation I said to God I want my son back. I want to hear his voice. I want to see him smile” added Denton.

He said people’s prayers had helped Jerome has pull through. He told supporters: “I appreciate what everybody had done. You are all my family. In the eyes of God we are all one family.” The event raised £9,434.67.

Afterwards’s Jerome’s brother Marvin told The Star: “It was a good turn-out and a lot of money was raised through auctions.

“Jerome is getting better, you can have a conversation with him. He can’t quite walk yet but that will come in the next stage when he gets stronger.

“He can stand up with support, but Jerome is the kind of person who wants to do things for himself.

“He can see, but sometimes gets double-vision. Hopefully he will make a full recovery.”

Ambomo, who apologised for showboating after the KO, is likely to be interviewed by the British Boxing Board in the next fortnight.

The Cameroonian light welterweight had no idea how injured his opponent was at the time.

*Want to contribute to Jerome’s recovery fund?

Here is how. Send cash to: Barclays Bank Sort Code 20-76-92 Account Number 63868354.