Healthy Living: Children’s asthma expert off to Australia

Mark Everard
Mark Everard
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A PROFESSOR who has helped thousands of children recover from breathing problems in Sheffield is leaving the city to take up a new job Down Under.

Prof Mark Everard has been treating children for asthma and other respiratory conditions at Sheffield Children’s Hospital for 18 years, but is now moving halfway across the world after accepting a role at the University of Western Australia.

Prof Everard, aged 55, who lives near Bakewell, said: “The Children’s Hospital is a brilliant place to work and we are in such a privileged position. It’s a great job. The place is just full of gems, from X-Ray to outpatients to the wards and I have been particularly privileged to work with a fantastic team looking after children with respiratory problems.”

Before coming to Sheffield the expert completed his training in many different centres including hospitals in Nottingham, Perth, Melbourne and London.

After beginning his research into respiratory disease in children in Australia, Prof Everard came back to work in Sheffield and completed studies which helped properly recognise the condition bacterial bronchitis.

The illness mainly affects young children but can often be confused with asthma.

Prof Everard added: “We now know bacterial bronchitis exists but when we didn’t know it existed we couldn’t make a diagnosis. Children were being treated with potentially dangerous amounts of asthma treatments for what is a curable condition in the vast majority of cases.”

The professor was born in Tanzania and is married to wife Jan, 58, a nurse consultant at Weston Park Hospital.

Jan will be moving to Perth, Australia, with her husband, who will be working on various projects, including developing a test for children to blow into a specially designed machine which shows if they need antibiotics immediately for breathing conditions.