Health trust backs Barnsley pledge on apprenticeships

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Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed up to support the town’s Apprenticeship Pledge.

The Pledge, which now has more than 40 Barnsley businesses on board, is expected to provide more than 500 apprenticeship jobs in the town.

Organisations are committing to a target of employing 2.5 per cent of their workforce in apprenticeship positions by April.

Steve Wragg, chairman at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said “In the NHS, there are over 300 careers and you can be an apprentice in any one of those.

“We believe in giving people a chance to gain a foot on the career ladder in their chosen field and the apprenticeship programme gives people that chance.”

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust currently employs 37 apprentices who study Clinical Healthcare and Business Administration with Barnsley College.

Mr Wragg added: “We have signed the Pledge because we believe a hospital like ours, which is such a big employer in the Barnsley borough, has a social responsibility to the community.

“Apprentices are a part of that responsibility. I hope other businesses sign the Pledge and start to popularise apprenticeships across the town.”