Guilty dentist can work

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A DENTIST who took out a woman’s tooth without consent because it was ‘poking her in the cheek’ has been allowed to continue to work.

Terlochen Sangherra ignored the patient’s objections that the tooth was healthy following the extraction at the surgery in Sheffield.

The dentist, who has 30 years’ experience, made a series of mistakes in one month and his employment at Broadfield Dentist Practice in Broadfield Close, Nether Edge, was terminated after concerns from the practice manager and other colleagues.

Sangherra also said he would not treat patients with HIV, failed to write adequate records and wore dirty gloves and masks around the premises.

The General Dental Council found him guilty of misconduct but the panel ruled he could continue working in the profession as long as he adheres to conditions over the next three years.

Committee chairman Barbara Duffner said: “There were serious deficiencies in the standard of knowledge, care and behaviour expected of a dental practitioner.

“These failings relate to poor communication, poor knowledge of patient consent, prescribing, infection control procedures and poor record keeping.

“The committee has also found your attitude to patients with blood borne viruses to have been unprofessional.”

But although there were ‘attitudinal difficulties’ in Sangherra’s approach to dentistry the committee said his failings could be remedied.

“The committee understands you have been suspended from practice for almost two years, making it difficult for you to address your deficiencies by way of daily clinical practice,” she said.

Sangherra must now work under workplace supervision, keep the General Dental Council informed of any changes in his employment, create a personal development plan and inform current or prospective employers of the findings against him.