Grieving Sheffield family continues fight for change after brother’s death

Anthony Offord
Anthony Offord
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The family of a man who died after collapsing in a flat as a paramedic waited outside are continuing a campaign to ensure it never happens again to someone else.

Anthony Offord collapsed at a friend’s house in April 2013 after drinking and taking heroin.

A Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedic arrived five minutes later, but waited outside for 22 minutes until other paramedics arrived because she didn’t think it was safe to go in on her own.

Mr Offord’s brother, John, said: “I totally understand that all paramedics have got to look after their own safety and to be fair on that paramedic, she did request help and she didn’t get that until it was too late.

“It’s the fact that she didn’t get the help she asked for.”

Angela Smith MP has this week referred the case to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Mr Offord’s death came soon after his father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Mr Offord, who had long suffered with mental health problems, took the news particularly badly.

John said: “We were to-ing and fro-ing to see who would die first - my dad at home in Grenoside of cancer or my brother in hospital.”

A Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Representatives from the Trust have met with Mr Offord’s family to discuss the measures it has introduced to its processes to reassure them of the commitment to providing safe and responsive services for patients and to answer any questions they had.”