Girl, 14, is an ordinary mum

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The parent of one 14-year-old Sheffield mother says her daughter is ‘just like any other normal mum’.

The girl’s mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted her family’s ‘world fell apart’ when her daughter fell pregnant.

But she said: “We love all our children and grandchildren equally, and we wouldn’t change a thing now.”

She said: “Abortion was not an option as she was 29 weeks pregnant when we found out.

“We vowed to stand by her and we have.

“She works hard and she looks after her baby, just like any other normal mum would.

“She goes out to the cinema, to concerts and to restaurants with her friends, just like a normal teenager would do.

“She also plays football every weekend and plays for a local team.”

The mum said her daughter is still attending school full time and is predicted good grades in her GCSEs.

She added: “Thirteen is not the ideal age to have a baby but, unfortunately, it happened.

“There are 13-year-old girls out there having sex whether you care to believe it or not.

“My daughter was unfortunate that she fell pregnant, otherwise we would have been none the wiser.”

The mum said her daughter does not claim any benefits apart from £20.30 a week child benefit.

And she stressed: “We are not a ‘problem’ family who smoke, take drugs, neglect our kids or get drunk every weekend.

“We support them both because we love them both.

“We are a strong family, who have been through hell and back this past few months. I don’t want anyone’s pity or sympathy.”