Generous Sheffield couple leave legacy to St Luke’s

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Sheffield law firm raises funds

A generous legacy of £500,000 was left to St Luke’s Hospice when Sheffield solicitors Bell & Buxton supported the organisation’s annual Will Month.

The money was left to St Luke’s by Sheffield couple Tony and Olga Fry.

“A donation of this size has a major impact on the lives of St Luke’s patients, not just in our in patient centre and therapies and rehabilitation centre but in the wider Sheffield community, where most of our patients receive their support,” said hospice corporate fundraising manager Matt Clarke.

During Will Month those taking part can have a will drawn up at a reduced price with the difference going into hospice coffers.

The firm charges £85 for a single will or £125 for a couple and the next event is in April.

This time Bell and Buxton raised £4,147 for St Luke’s.