Fitness students dive in for handy tuition

Group photo with students from the workshop alongside Nick and Ben Swain.
Group photo with students from the workshop alongside Nick and Ben Swain.
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Former Olympic divers Nick Robinson-Baker and Ben Swain have been putting punters through their paces in Sheffield.

The pair have been working at New Adventure Studios in Carver Street in the city centre since it moved into its current premises in April.

Nick puts students in their place with a gruelling-but-popular boot camp throughout the week, while Ben offers sports massages to heal the pain of a tough workout.

But now the pair have begun new handstand and balance workshops – especially designed for athletes from the world of diving and pole fitness.

They are making sure there are workshops available for everyone, with the goal of improving the athletes’ balance and flexibility.

Nick, aged 26, said: “I really enjoy working at the studio and the workshops are a great way to share my tips and tricks from the trade.

“Handstands and balance are key in diving as well as dancing, pole or acrobatics.

“The workshops allow you to work with people from many different backgrounds and share your skills.

“The first workshop included work on safe exits from handstands, headstands, basic pushes into handstands and a mini competition for the best handstand at the end.”

Student Michelle Riley said: “I had an amazing time at the handstand workshop. I was quite nervous when I walked in as I’d not done a hand stand for about 35 years.

“But Ben and Nick were really friendly, patient and supportive. Everyone had fun.

“The main sound you could hear in the room was laughter and at the end we could all do a handstand - result.”

The next workshop takes place on Saturday, October 19.