Could you train Ria to achieve her sporting goal?

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Ria Kerrigan wouldn’t describe herself as an exercise novice exactly… because, in fact, she’s never exercised at all.

But as her 50th birthday approaches she’s determined to take up one of the sporting world’s most gruelling physical challenges - a full triathlon of swimming, biking and running, to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield.

Now she’s hoping somebody will help her by giving her some free training and support.

“I can swim a length and walk my 11-year-old dog twice a day, but that’s about it, so I really do need somebody to put me through my paces,” said Ria, who lives in Pitsmoor.

“I need somebody who can be quite hard with me – nobody wishy-washy!

“I’m giving myself a good year because my 50th birthday isn’t until May 2015 and I’m hoping that should be enough time.”

Ria has been inspired to take up the challenge after seeing the support her friend Margaret Sharpe has received as a patient at St Luke’s.

“I really want to do something as a thank you,” Ria said.

n To help Ria with her challenge call her on 0114 235 7559.