Compensation after botched ops

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WOMEN who were victims in a series of botched breast operations at a South Yorkshire hospital have received a total of almost £1.2m in compensation after a long legal battle.

More than 30 patients came forward after concerns were raised about the work of specialist surgeon Puvaneswary Markandoo, who worked at Barnsley Hospital for three years until October 2008.

Of the 30, 26 who suffered complications after surgery including scarring, infections and burst stitches - have received an average of more than £45,000 each.

One woman had treatment for breast cancer and is suffering depression after discovering years later there was no need for her operations.

Latest figures show Barnsley Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has so far paid a total of £1,189,054 to the 26 women. The cost to the NHS will be far more as the full legal bill has still not been disclosed.

Anne Bassett, from Jump, Barnsley, was one of the patients operated on by Ms Markandoo after treatment for breast cancer in 2004.

She said no amount of money would make up for the physical and psychological damage inflicted on her after reconstructive surgery.

“It was horrific. I ended up having eight or nine operations because they all went wrong. She left me a physical mess and I’m scarred for life. No amount of money will make up for what she did to me. I ended up looking worse than I did when I first had the mastectomy.”

Ms Markandoo left Barnsley Hospital in 2008 and is banned from working in the private sector. She can work in the NHS.