Charity drive for Sheffield boxer in coma

Jerome Wilson, left, v Serge Ambomo 12/09/14
Jerome Wilson, left, v Serge Ambomo 12/09/14
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The serious injury to Sheffield boxer Jerome Wilson continues to cast a shadow over the sport.

Wilson is said to be in a coma after an operation to his head following a bleed on the brain.

Wilson’s trainer, during his amateur days at Hyde Park, Chris Smedley said: “This has broken my heart. He used to stay weekends our house and my sons Nicki and Luke are devastated. You‘d like to think that being incredibly fit will help him through. He is a fantastic kid; there are few people as honest as him.”

Muheeb Fazeldin, a Burngreave featherweight, who had to box the day after Wilson’s injury which happened during a bout with Serge Ambomo, said: “I can’t lie - I had to stop and think about what I am doing in this sport. My dad said the same. I hear he is on a life support machine - it is terrible.”

Curtis Woodhouse, the one time Blades footballer and retired boxer, is to hold a sponsored spar with IBF International champion and one-time arch rival Tommy Coyle in Hull on September 28, in aid of Wilson’s family.

Woodhouse said: “I was thinking of any ways to help, sat round being upset doesn’t help anybody. Raising money is not going to speed up his recovery but it might help his mum, wife and children.”

The former Sheffield United man added: “The bills still need paying at the end of the month. So far, the response has been humbling, overwhelming. Everybody wants to help.”

Wilson is self-employed. Are you willing to raise money for his wie Michelle and family? We will support and publicise any activity to help the Arbourthrone family man. Email us your plans or thoughts, or any messages of goodwill, to