Care firm’s backing in fight for lost cash

Battle: Evelyn Brown's son Derek in fight to recover cash.
Battle: Evelyn Brown's son Derek in fight to recover cash.
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A SON fighting for the return of more than £11,000 of his mother’s savings lost when the care home she was living in went bust has been backed by the firm now running the premises.

Derek Brown is determined to have the money he is owed returned, along with a further £44,000 belonging to at least five other residents lost when Larongrove Ltd, the then-owners of Abbey Grange care home in Firth Park, went into liquidation.

He has now been backed by Alykhan Kachra, managing director of Country Court Care, the new owners of the home.

Mr Brown, from Chapeltown, has met with Mr Kachra to discuss the case relating to his late mother Evelyn, aged 96, and other residents.

A total of £11,289 belonging to Mrs Brown built up in Abbey Grange’s bank account during her eight year stay there. It related to a ‘personal allowance’ she received along with her pension which, according to good practice guidelines, should have been kept in a separate client account.

Instead her money, along with at least five other residents’ cash, was paid into the business account - meaning it was lost when the company went bust.

Mr Kachra said: “Following years of mismanagement, Country Court Care is steadily reversing the reputation Abbey Grange had achieved, and which still hangs over it.

“By backing Mr Brown’s claim, we are proving that the new management cares.”

Retired builder Mr Brown, aged 71, said he was pleased to receive the support of Country Court Care and Mr Kachra in the fight.

“I’m happy to have him on board,” he said.

“We’re not just going for my mother’s money, but for all of the others affected by this too - I’m determined not to leave them behind.

“We had a very productive meeting and I was very impressed with what he had to say. He has a law degree so is in a far better position than me to see where we can go from here.

“It’s good to have someone involved who knows all the ins and outs and I’m feeling very positive about the future and the way forward.”

Mr Kachra said a series of radical changes had been introduced in the nine months the new firm had owned it.

Most importantly a ring-fenced account is now in operation to administer all the personal monies belonging to its residents.

One wing of the home has also been redeveloped and refurbished, with plans to extend this throughout the building over the coming months.