Bereaved family are big fans of hospital ward

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The LEGACY of a man who died in Doncaster Royal Infirmary could be more comfortable wards for other patients during heatwaves.

A donation from the funeral of Steve Williams will be put towards new equipment for Ward 26 at the Armthorpe Road hospital, in particular the purchase of bladeless fans for the use of patients.

Staff are looking in to purchasing the fans, as an alternative way to cool down the wards when they get too hot.

Widow Colleen Williams and her sister-in-law, Anne Williams, both attended DRI to present a cheque for £650 to staff.

Colleen’s husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and spent a lot of time being treated on Ward 18, before he was moved to Ward 26, where he sadly passed away.

At Steve’s funeral, his family asked mourners to make donations instead of buying flowers, to give to the ward in his memory.

The sisters met senior staff on the ward to hand over the proceeds of the collection.