2014 reasons for these city folk to be cheerful

Chelsea Glossop and her sister Lauren from Frecheville who are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the summer
Chelsea Glossop and her sister Lauren from Frecheville who are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the summer
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They call today Blue Monday. Being back at work, grim weather and an empty wallet makes the third Monday of January the most depressing day of the year.

But South Yorkshire folk have flown in the face of doom and gloom to share their reasons to be happy - not down in the dumps - this year.

From Wednesday winning 6-0, to welcoming a new baby, these residents are bucking the trend and have plenty to smile about in 2014.

Chelsea Glossop has made one hell of a resolution this year.

The 23-year-old mum is to scale Mount Kilimanjaro – as well as helping out in an African community – during a three-week summer adventure.

She will face temperatures as low as -25°C, a gruelling six-day hike up the world’s highest free-standing mountain and also be separated from two-year-old son Jenson.

And she cannot wait.

Waitress Chelsea, of Wardlow Road, Frecheville, Sheffield, said: “It is pretty out of character for me.

“Yes, I’ve got a two-year-old son who I will miss, but his dad is brilliant with him so I know he will be looked after. It will be nice when he is grown up for him to say his mum climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.”

Chelsea and a team of volunteers will help build local schools in Arusha, Tanzania, as part of their life-changing trip in August.

Money raised will also boost the charity FutureSense Foundation.

Chelsea added: “There’s not many people who can say they have done this – I don’t know anyone who has.

“While I’ve got this opportunity I’m going to grab it with both hands - I can’t wait because it is just going to be so rewarding.”

Businesswoman Frederika Roberts is an expert on happiness – in fact, she’s made a career out of it.

The Doncaster mum-of-two wrote a book on finding a happy state of mind and, as a professional speaker on the topic, will be spreading the word at four ‘girlie gathering’ events in Doncaster and Rotherham this month.

Frederika, who keeps a positive attitude despite both her daughters almost dying of heart problems, said: “Why should Monday January 20 be the worst day of the year? Yes, diets are probably going awry by then, pay day still looms in the dim and distant future and the weather is perhaps not the best but we can still choose to have a good day.

“Above all, happiness is a choice, a deliberate state of mind. I intend to have a great day on January 20 and am very excited about what the rest of 2014 has to offer.”

Frederika is due to speak at the ‘Doncaster Business Showcase’ at Doncaster Racecourse on Thursday, February 20, and will also give a happiness seminar to BBC employees.

Proud parents Caroline and Gavin Stancer are awaiting their second bundle of joy this year – all thanks to Sheffield doctors.

They will welcome a baby brother or sister to son Patrick, aged two, next month. The couple, of Ingram Road, Norfolk Park, Sheffield, turned to fertility experts at the city’s Jessop Wing maternity hospital after they struggled to conceive naturally.

Caroline, an oncology nurse specialist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, said: “We were incredibly lucky in that we only needed one full round of treatment and from that we got two eggs which have both resulted in pregnancies.We are blessed because that is quite rare - I’ve got friends who have gone through it numerous times.”

The couple are keeping the gender of their new arrival as a surprise.

Caroline, aged 33, said: “The baby’s sex is the one thing we’ve had control over because you do get dictated to a little during fertility treatment – it’s going to be a surprise. We decided that this year is when the house is going to go on the market as well, which seems crazy when the baby is due in four weeks.”

Sheffield Central Library is hosting a drop-in session in order to help people find advice, support and information today. Making new friends and joining clubs to beat joyless January will also be covered in the coffee morning from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Why is 2014 a good year for you?


“Rotherham United being 5th, but we never get recognised.”


“Sheffield Wednesday winning 6-0. Also Brewdog opening in April, new bars always welcome.”


“In 2014 I can watch my grandson of 14 months getting bigger, stronger and more loving to his family. Wonderful.”

Steven Smudger Smith

“Well I’m leaving the Army, expecting my first baby - missus’s 6th baby - and getting married and at the end of year I turn 30 so 2014 is a massive year for me.”


“Because I’m alive as opposed to those who were but now aren’t or who will never have the chance of life, it’s the greatest gift.”

John Bouttell

“I’m very happy because I’m not expecting anything.”

JL Robinson - Author

“Sometimes the best part is not knowing what will happen next.”

Nel Shallow

“Celebrating lovely hubby’s 50th birthday.”


“This Blue Monday rubbish is debunked every year.”