Health and safety

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A NEW rail incentive to get people to their destinations quicker will probably mean fat cats and MPs who will have longer lunches and more time to waste. Meanwhile, the people of lesser means will still have to travel like cattle, standing in corridors for hours.

Health and safety only applies when it suits. What about travelling at 90mph on a train, standing in a corridor with no safety barrier, no seat belts, no air bags?

Health and safety only applies when it’s down to money.

I was unfortunate enough to have a senior moment when I omitted to put my seat belt on when calling at the local shop. I hadn’t gone more than 200 yards on a dual carriageway when I was pulled in by a police motorcycle rider and fined for having no seat belt.

This man was on a vehicle capable of going twice as fast as my car but had no seat belt, in fact, no protection whatsoever. Yet he told me I’m irresponsible.

I continued down the dual carriageway and was passed by a Sikh on a motorcycle wearing no crash helmet yet that is legal. A bus on my nearside was carrying 20 passengers and doing 40mph, with not a seat belt in sight.

You are all responsible for being ruled by idiots. Safety either applies to everybody or nobody.

I am not advocating that we shouldn’t have seat belts in cars but you can’t prosecute one set of people and ignore all the others who are road and rail users and in just as much danger. Again it’s everybody or nobody when the risks are the same.

Get the House of Commons to change the law which states that all people have to wear seat belts, crash helmets. No more strap hanging. All to be seated with belts. All motorcycles to be banned.

Health and safety should prosecute rail executives and bus companies for people having to stand without seat belts. Then let’s see all the excuses Parliament makes about some facing risks but not others.

No doubt cost will be the reason, not people’s lives.

Terrence Pymm, Bowman Drive, S12