Healey is the right man for the job

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I see Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has picked the right man as Shadow Housing Minister in Wentworth MP John Healey.

He has plenty of experience in the housing market having had mortgage interest payments of £691/month in 2008 while claiming regularly for food, phone bills, cleaning and utilities from taxpayers.

He even claimed £1,431 for a new door in 2007, and we even picked up his tab for £16 congestion charge for his locksmith’s two days work.

He also claimed £7,612 for new windows, £1,317 for a new bed, sofa and shelving units, not to mention £95 for a swivel chair from Ikea and £25.98 for four pillows.

He also claimed £129 for a TV having claimed £299 for a TV two years earlier.

As I said previously, Corbyn has certainly picked the right man as his Shadow Housing Minister in The Right Honourable John Healey MP, who seems to have had loads of experience especially regarding housing consumables.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74