Having our hair done has gone to our heads...

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Men who know what an astronomical sum women spend on their locks (the equivalent of ten stints in the barber’s chair at just one sitting) will find this hair-raising...

It’s been revealed women have at least 150 different hairstyles in a lifetime. Each year between the ages of 15 and 65, the typical female has her hair cut into a different style twice and tries at least one different colour,

More than one in 20 even say they’ve never gone more than a month with the same style, says a survey for Toni&Guy’s 50th anniversary. Almost a third have changed their hairstyle after just a few days because they didn’t like it. Like my best friend. For permanently waved, read permanently dissatisfied. The number of times, after a meeting with the scissors, I’ve tried to talk her out of yet another one, which is only going to make it shorter and therefore even worse...

We’re truly obsessed with our hair. Why? Because it can dramatically change the way we look - and feel. It’s so ridiculously trite, but when your hair goes the way you wanted it to rather than the way nature intended (i.e. naturally curly becomes flat as a poker and naturally straight falls in plump ringlets) you feel in control. Of your image - of life itself.

We spend a fortune on making our little thatch of keratin something it’s not supposed to be - and happily swallow the big, bouncy marketing lie about us being worth it.

We’re guilty of hair envy, too. How we hated Jennifer Aniston because The Rachel didn’t look as good on us as it did on her. I remember as a teen, loathing a friend because she could do a perfect Farrah Fawcett flick and I couldn’t.

Though in my experience, the older you get, the tamer the haircuts. I’ve had the same one for six years. Can’t change it. It hides the double chin.