Have someone who puts the city and people first

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Well that must have been some ultimatum Mr Mothersole gave Hammerson regarding the Sevenstone fantasy.

We learned in The Star (May 20) that the council were to insist on a start date for the project or we would look for other developers.

We must have put the frighteners on them as they were running scared, so much in fact that four days later (May 24) we were told the council is giving them even more time.

I think Mr Mothersole should start earning his salary.

The lack of investment in this city must be laid firmly at the door of the council for dragging their feet for far too long.

It is letting Hammerson hold the balance of power whilst all the councillors lack backbone.

It will take more than a new market to attract people back.

The suggestion that Next could occupy the Staples site on St Mary’s Gate is quite frankly stupid.

Has anyone on the planning board observed how busy this area gets with traffic now?

And where are all the cars going to park?

Let me guess, the council expects everyone to go by bus.

I feel passionately about this city, it deserves better.

The pride I used to have for Sheffield is now sadly fading fast. Let’s have someone running the city with vision and pride and put the city and its people first.

F Welbeck

Sheffield 12