Have policies to lift poor families out of poverty

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Both Nick Clegg nationally and Colin Ross locally have tried to take credit for the Liberal Democrats in the expansion of free nursery places for two-year olds as a way of supporting children from poorer families.

As David Blunkett pointed out in his recent letter, it is not new money, but has been found from the cancellation of the funds which, under Labour, supported Children’s Centres and Sure Start. Clegg is quoted as saying children from poor families need more help, but at the same time he is supporting Tory policies that make more families with children poorer!

On top of cuts in Family Credit, many working people, as well as the disabled and those who have been made redundant, whose incomes are so low they were deemed too poor to pay Council Tax, are now having to pay for the first time several pounds a week out of already inadequate benefits. (Meanwhile Council Tax is frozen for everyone else, including millionaires who have also had a tax cut.) The bedroom tax is forcing people with 2 children out of their homes even if they will need the extra bedroom in 2-3 years’ time as the children get older.

No wonder Sarah Teather has announced her resignation as a Lib Dem MP at the 2015 election, and the calls on Food Banks are at an all time high! The way to help poor children is to have policies which lift them and their families out of poverty, not make them even more of them poorer.

Veronica Hardstaff

Northfield Court,S10 1QR.