Have I lost my memory?

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I thought the government were supposed to be stopping the unsolicited calls regarding PPI’s and accident claims...

I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference.

The only difference is the initial contact method.

Now the person calling starts off by saying “we have tried to contact you on numerous occasions about your accident or PPI claim” and then goes on to say according to their records I either had an accident two years ago or I am entitled to a PPI claim.

What I would like to know is, what and where are these records and who supplies them?

You are told to press a number on your phone to continue with the claim, presumabley for you to pay for the call from that point.

Why don’t the government rule that when you are contacted by these call centres they have to bear the cost of the call?

Just for once I would like to answer the call and tell them to go ahead with my claim.

You never know I might have had an accident which I can make a claim on and lost my memory and thats why I can’t remember getting loans out and so am entitled to a PPI refund.

All I have to do now is remember where to send this email.


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