Have council got the will?

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The building on green belt issue is a bit of a miss Norma.

Let’s be clear the council don’t want to build on green field sites, the Government have asked for a land register of available sites for future building.

The council hasn’t built a council house for over 30 years. The only builders of social housing have been housing associations.

Between 40,000 and 46,000 houses are needed over the next 20 years.

The only way houses will be built is by private builders or housing associations.

The real problem will be private builders deciding where they want to build, not on the acres and acres of brownfield sites on Parson cross, Southey, Firth Park, Arborthorne or the Manor, the sites that have stood empty for decades. They will want to build on prime sites, some of which will be indeed on green field sites.

The real undertaking by the council is obvious, but have they the political will to address it? Now that’s the real question.

Paul Colk

by email