Happy Vicky back in credit after holiday cancellation nightmare

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There are times when Action Desk plays more of an advisory role rather that getting a problem solved directly.

When Vicky Salt called about an issue she had with holiday company Park Resorts we helped as far as we could.

She had booked a holiday for her and her husband to the Lower Hyde Holiday Park – a Park Resorts caravan park – on the Isle of White.

But the couple were unable to go when her husband was rushed into hospital.

Vicky called the park directly and cancelled the holiday.

She was advised to contact head office in Hertfordshire to see if anything further could be done, including re-booking the holiday for a different date.

She wrote two letters – and made a handful of phone calls to customer services who suggested writing further letters.

When she never received a reply she contacted the Action Desk.

Vicky said: “We’ve used Park Resorts many times before and never been told about a cancellation fee.

“The only reason I know about it is because my cousin has booked a holiday with them and the advert she saw mentions this fee.

“Even if there was nothing that could be done, no-one had the decency to write back and say that.”


Action Desk contacted Park Resorts’ press office who said the company had never received her letters.

And furthermore, because she hadn’t paid the cancellation fee, there was nothing that could be done. They passed Action Desk a customer services number for Vicky.

Result! A few minutes later Vicky called saying she’d explained the situation. She was getting a credit note for the full amount of the holiday.

“Thank you. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you pushing me,” she said.