Happy Birthday to the Fat Cat

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Kelham Island residents owe a lot to Fat cat owner Dave Wickett and all the pubs in the Valley of Beer. I knock on doors there regularly and people love living close to the city centre but in quiet surroundings. The traditional pubs are the focal points, providing a controlled environment that tends to reduce alcohol abuse.

The area is a real gem but locals do need more amenities to help make the area safer at night. The Kelham Island and Neepsend Action Plan seeks to deliver this but progress has slowed due to the financial crisis. It’s important that the short term lure of developers’ cash for inappropriate developments is resisted. The council has some protection as it is a conservation area but stakeholders must keep focused on maintaining everything that makes Kelham Island special as it develops over the decades to come.

Happy 30th birthday to the Fat Cat ! Happy 40th birthday to the Campaign for Real Ale!

Eamonn Ward, Green Party

Knocking down decent houses

in reply to Ken Curran (Aug 19), why is Labour hell bent on pulling down good houses? All I hear is we need to pull them down down to build affordable ones. I’ve got news for you Mr Curran, we live in good affordable houses. So where’s the problem? Our five million houses have been looked after by tenants who spent hard-earned money on them. These are our homes, we have good neighbours and are proud of our homes.

Mr Curran should leave us to get on enjoying our lives in our nice homes.

George Day.Arbourthorne

Ken Curran has been asleep for past 15 years. Wealth in hands of the rich? That’s rich. Who flogged tons of gold at its lowest price for 20 years? Then the idiot goes and nicks all the pensions people worked for. In Derbyshire they’re preparing for next year’s snows by offering farmers £200 to keep the roads clear. Why? Because that affects them but floods, which damage our homes, don’t.

Frank Hardy