Half of Sheffield men suffer Lack of Meat Syndrome

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Nearly half of all Sheffield men are suffering from Lack of Meat syndrome (LMS), it has been claimed.

A new poll has revealed that 45 per cent of men in the city are struggling with symptoms including lack of energy, sadness, mood swings and even anger.

Working with dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton, Sizzling Pubs conducted the research into men’s eating habits to identify why meat makes men tick.

The survey revealed that: 20 per cent of Sheffield men were left unsatisfied after not eating meat, 10 per cent felt irritable, seven per cent lacked energy and six per cent even admitted to feeling sad when made to go without meat.

It also revealed that 41 per cent of men from Sheffield didn’t believe they were sitting down to a proper meal unless it contained meat.

The survey also revealed the lengths to which Sheffield’s men would go to avoid going meat-free.

Over a third of those surveyed would rather be on washing up duty for a year or read War and Peace than go without meat and 22 per cent would prefer to endure a shoe shopping trip.

Brett Miller, manager of The Birley Hotel, said: “We’ve long suspected that men don’t just love meat – they actually need it, and struggle when they go without it.”