Hair straighteners top burglars’ Christmas wish lists

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Hair straighteners are high on burglars’ Christmas lists, police in South Yorkshire have warned.

Hairdressing salons are being targeted by raiders looking for expensive equipment.

A salon in Tickhill Road, Maltby, was targeted last weekend and thieves stole straighteners plus cameras, laptops and mobile telephones.

The weekend before there were burglaries at salons in Rotherham town centre and Rawmarsh.

Police said hair straighteners were particularly sought-after by thieves at this time of year because they make popular Christmas gifts.

Crime reduction officer Eamonn Larkin urged salon owners to ensure rear doors, windows and fire doors were locked.

“Ideally, single glazed windows should be fitted with laminated glass and also protected externally with grilles,” he added.

Salons are advised to mark hair straighteners, so they can be returned if stolen.